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Info about Suite lise of karan and kabir

The Suite Life of Karan & Kabir is an original Disney Channel India sitcom, which premiered on Sunday, April 08, 2012. The series is an Indian adaptation of the American show The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.[1]
The series is set in the Raj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai and centers on Karan and Kabir, trouble-making identical twins who live at the Raj Mahal Hotel. The series' other main characters include daughter of the owner of the Raj Mahal Hotel Rani, the candy counter girl Vinnie, the hotel's manager, Mr. Maan Singh, and the boys mother Preeti, who is an assistant manager in the hotel.


The show centers upon Karan and Kabir, non identical twin brothers who live in the Raj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai where their mother, Preeti Jaiswal, who is an assistant manager in the hotel. The series also centers upon the hotel owner's teenage daughter, Rani Uberoi, who is privileged and ditzy. Vinita Mishra (Vinnie) is the hotel's down-to-earth candy-counter girl. Mr. Mann Singh, the strict, dutiful, and serious manager, is often a foil to Karan and Kabir's schemes. Sometimes, Karan and Kabir get in trouble.[2]



  • Namit Shah as Kabir
  • Siddharth Thakkar as Karan
  • Shruti Seth as Priti Jaiswal
  • Shivshakti Sachdev as Rani Uberoi
  • Tara Sutaria as Vinita Mishra (Vinnie)
  • Daman Baggan as Mr. Mann Singh
  • Shaynam Ladakhi as Jung Bahadur
  • Characters


    Kabir (Siddharth Thakkar) is the calm, mature, and smarter twin of the duo. He is less adventurous, but always gets into his brother's antics, most accidentally as one may say, and he also faces trouble because of his brother Karan. But he never complains about him and his doings. The reason is because he was born ten minutes after Karan. Karan uses that bit of information to knock Kabir out of the "center of things" and let him do all the "main work" before Kabir comes into it. Kabir is the equivalent of Cody Martin who is played by Cole Sprouse.


    Karan (Namit Shah) is typically the self-centered, non-studious, outgoing, immature twin who is "10 minutes older than Kabir" which he uses against Kabir, normally telling him, since he's older, to do some sort of job that he doesn't want to do. Or in some cases, give him "brotherly" advice because, "I'm the older twin." He has a big crush on Vinnie, the seller at the hotel.Karan is the eqvilent of Zack Martin who is played by Dylan Sprouse

    [edit]Rani Uberoi

    Rani Uberoi (Shivshakti Sachdev) is the only daughter of the owner of the Raj Mahal Hotel where the twins, Karan and Kabir live. Rani is a rich teenager with her own private suite at the Raj Mahal Hotel, complete with a large wardrobe with several divisions and a kitchen. Rani loves fashion; she only wears designer clothes and hates people who dislike fashion. She does not have her father or any other person to live with her to help her but relies on the Raj Mahal Hotel Staff for any assistance or guidance. She talks trendily to Vinnie and the brothers and not just count them... all other staff of the Hotel. But most of these facts are deliberately untrue. In the first episode, she tells her friends about the "great marriage" she: the rich is going to attend, but only to end as all people of the Raj Mahal Hotel knowing of this fake incident in which she herself cheats to enter to the marriage party.Rani is the eqvialent of London Tipton who is played by Brenda Song

    [edit]Vinita Mishra (Vinnie)

    Vinita Mishra (Tara Sutaria), fondly called Vinnie by everyone at the Hotel, is the teenage candy-counter girl at the Raj Mahal Hotel, who also works as "babysitter". She even works as "Big-baby"-sitter for Karan and Kabir. While she comes from a lower class family, Vinnie is very hard-working, outspoken, and intelligent. But she is also very selfish and a bigger opportunist than Rani Uberoi, though she always loses out when this side of her personality is shown. Vinnie is Rani's closest friend, though Rani often treats her like a "low-caste" Indian. Karan has a huge crush on her. She is left-handed and also one of the most beautiful people at the Raj Mahal Hotel. Vinata or Vinnie is the eqvialent of Maddie Fitzpatrickwho is plyed by Ashely Tisdale

    [edit]Mr. Maan Singh

    Mr. Mann Singh (Daman Baggan) is the manager of the Raj Mahal hotel, who speaks with a humongous Hindi vocabulary and an urbane vernacular, and is often annoyed by Karan and Kabir's schemes. Though he acts as though he does not care about the boys, he actually has a great deal of affection for them. Mr. Maan Singh is more of a father to Rani Uberoi than her own, because her real father is seldom around. Mr. Maan Singh even taught Rani how to walk, her ABCs, and tried to teach her how to drive. He cares for Rani and treats her like his own child. He also helps Rani with any problems she is having. Mr. Maan Singh often makes a fool of himself in front of people (mostly because of Karan's and Kabir's mischief). Another running joke is that he often just barely catches a vase on the center table of the lobby from falling. He is fondly called "Maan Singh Ji by the hotel-mates rather than Mr. Maan Singh. Mr. Maan Singh is the equivalent of Mr. Moseby who is played by Phil Lewis.

    [edit]Priti Jaiswal

    Preeti Jaiswal (Shruti Seth) is the single working mother of Karan and Kabir and is the hotel's assistant manager, who sings beautifully. She and her sons traveled to several cities before arriving at the Raj Mahal Hotel, which she called "the best ever hotel we'll like to live ever in our life."


    Series #Season #TitleOriginal air dateProd.
    11"Grounded on the 23rd Floor"April 8, 2012101
    Karan and Kabir get grounded for rollerblading in the lobby, injuring Mr. Maan Singh in the process. When they find out a famous couple is getting married at the hotel, they buy a camera off Vinnie to take a picture of the couple that was rumored to be selling for 1 Lac rupees. Karan sneaks into the wedding and takes the picture, only for Vinnie, Kabir, and Karan to be busted by Mr.Maan Singh. The boys are grounded again for another week after Priti finds out.
    Guest stars: Kuki Grewal as Clara, Gaffoor Shaikh as Andre 
    22"The Fairest of Them All"April 15, 2012104
    Kabir accidentally enters in a beauty pageant after he follows a cute girl into the dressing room to give her some flowers. When he hears Maan Singh coming he disguises himself as a girl. Kabir excels in the pageant, but decides to quit so that Shipra can win the money to open a place to help pets. Karan tries to enter in his place and win the prize money so they can buy bikes, but is exposed as a boy by Kabir. Shipra is initially angry with Kabir when she finds out that Kabir is a boy, but relents and gives him a kiss before leaving the Raj Mahal.
    Title Reference: Quote from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 
    33"To Catch a Thief"April 22, 2012108
    Jung Bahadur is accused of a jewelry theft after someone's jewelry was stolen. Karan and Kabir try to prove it wasn't him, but they end up crashing a party, for which they get punished. Meanwhile, Rani can't bring her dog onto her dad's ship, so Vinnie takes care of Rani's dog while she's gone. When Karan and Kabir overhear the real thieves talking about heading up to Rani's suite, the twins, Jung Bahadur, and Vinnie all set a trap to catch the real thieves.
    Guest stars: Sulekshna as Shobhaji 
    44"Hotel Hangout"April 29, 2012102
    Karan and Kabir meet two new friends Max and Noodle and invite them over, but when the Danzo group finds out that they live in the Raj Mahal Hotel, they suddenly want to hang out with the twins instead, leaving Max and Noodle behind. Meanwhile, Vinnie tutors Rani in Maths and Rani gives Vinnie advice on how to talk to the hotel lifeguard Rahul.
    Guest stars: Saniya Amdesariya as Max 
    55"The Ghost Of Suite 613"May 13, 2012109
    A rumor is circulating around the Raj Mahal Hotel that Suite 613 is haunted by a ghost named Shalini, whose husband left her for an actress and their movie's name was 'Bhel puri ki kasam'. Meanwhile, Karan plays practical jokes on everyone, embarrassing them around other people. Later, when they hear that Rani has dropped her purse with a thousand dollars in Suite 613, Vinnie, Rani, Karan and Kabir all run up to get it. On the way, Shobhji tells them about Shalini, then leaves. When Maan Singh finds them in the suite later on, he tells them of the experience he had with suite 613 when he was only a bellhop in the hotel. Then Karan dares Kabir to spend a night at 613 and the person who runs out first owes the other five dollars. In the suite, they try to talk to the spirit (Kabir, Karan, Rani, Vinnie and Jang Bahadur) getting Jung Bahdur possessed and making Kabir, Vinnie, Rani disappear then it is revealed to be a practical joke for Karan. At the end of the episode, Kabir and Karan look for Kabir's toy when a woman who looks exactly like Shalini approaches them and gives Kabir back the toy and leaves, passing through the wall with a portrait in the wall meaning the ghost of Shalini is real.
    Guest stars: Sulekshna as Shobhaji, Vrajesh Hirjee as Digital 
    66"It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel"May 20, 2012114
    When Karan and Kabir's football breaks a painting hung up in the hallway, they find an old newspaper article stuck to it. It shows a man being arrested by the police, saying: "I will return for my treasure." Karan and Kabir start to look for the treasure. Vinnie overhears, and Karan and Kabir let her help. In the article is a picture of Shobhaji, so Karan, Kabir and Vinnie ask her about it. Shobhaji agrees to help as long as she gets part of the treasure. Jung Bahadur and Rani join Karan, Kabir, Vinnie and Shobhaji to find the treasure, which causes lots of arguing and chaos. Desperate, Karan, Kabir, Vinnie, Rani and Jung Bahadur all imagine what their life would be like if they found the treasure, despite Rani already rich. They all search frantically for the treasure, but they end up breaking into the bank of Raj Mahal. In the end, the real treasure was Shobhaji.
    Guest stars: Sulekshna as Shobhaji, Vrajesh Hirjee as Digital 
    77"Hotel Inspector"May 27, 2012107
    Maan Singh gives Karan and Kabir tickets to IPL Match while the health inspector arrives at the Raj Mahal. Unfortunately, the boys arrive before the inspector does and due to Karan's and Kabir's rats, it causes chaos in the hotel, getting Maan Singh fired in the process. Together, they must devise a way to get Maan Singh back.
    Guest stars: Sulekshna as Shobhaji 
    88"Pilot Your Own Life"June 3, 2012118
    Vinnie and Rani compete with each other to get on the cover of a teen magazine. Kabir convinces Maan Singh's employees to "pilot their own lives", which causes a lot of chaos.
    Guest stars: Vrajesh Hirjee as Digital 
    99"Smart & Smarterer"June 10, 2012125
    Karan gets a bad grade in school and Priti says he will have to go to summer school if he can't keep his grades up. However, after he finds out that his friend gets more time to complete tests because he has dyslexia, Karan pretends that he has dyslexia too. Maan Singh loses his voice, causing havoc in the hotel. Rani and Vinnie play chess but Rani keeps winning so they keep playing until Vinnie wins. When she can't, Rani eventually lets Vinnie win.
    Guest stars: - 
    1010"A Prom Story"June 17, 2012111
    Vinnie's high school prom is coming up, and Karan finds out by throwing it at the Raj Mahal. When he overhears her saying that she likes a guy who has an age difference from her by five years, he thought it was him, not Ashwin the guy she liked. Meanwhile, a circus comes to the Raj Mahal, prompting Kabir to act like a mime. When Karan gets his heart broken by Vinnie, she gets her heart broken by Ashwin, who has a college girlfriend. Vinnie then agrees to dance with Karan.